SoulBounce Exclusive: Ashleigh Smith Wants To Make It Like It Was In ‘Best Friends’


Every relationship has its share of ups and downs. There's the carefree excitement that comes with new love and then the ambivalence that can flood in once the newness wears off. The latter is what singer Ashleigh Smith tackles in her new video for the single, "Best Friends," which we are excited to world premiere today.

The video opens with Smith waking up next to her partner before heading to the kitchen to make breakfast for the two of them. Her hopes for an idyllic meal are quickly dashed when her man takes a call before rushing out of the house without even acknowledging the meal she prepared. We then go on to see flashbacks to happier times interspersed with their present situation where his career always seems to come between them.

Despite the gloominess of the relationship's current state, the track itself is a dose of warm sunshine. The uptempo, jazz-influenced beat coupled with Smith's hopeful delivery lends an optimistic feel to the song, one in which we are left hoping for a happy ending. Lyrics such as, "Lately it seems we have drifted apart / Talk with our mouths but stay silent with our hearts," perfectly captures the emotions that come with the realization that your relationship is desperate need of resuscitation.

Smith's optimism ultimately pays off in the end when her boo finally realizes the distance that has grown between them and makes amends by bringing home a bouquet of flowers. While it seems like the oldest trick in the book, sometimes it just takes something as simple as feeling appreciated to re-energize a relationship that has grown stale. Smith's ability to convey this is one of the reasons we crowned her Bounce-Worthy earlier this year.

"Best Friends" is the latest single taken from Smith's debut album, Sunkissed, which features the Dallas-based singers take on classics such as Hall & Oates' "Sara Smile" and a cover of her former boss-lady Chrisette Michele's "Love is You." Take a look at the video right here, and fall in love with Ashleigh Smith's "Best Friends."

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