Dru Hill Takes Us Back To Their ’90s Heyday To Set Off The Soul Train Awards 2016

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter

The '90s were in full effect at last night's telecast of the Soul Train Awards 2016, and nothing exemplified that more than the fact that Baltimore's own Dru Hill opened the show more than 20 years after making their mark. However, the first and most noticeable thing about the group taking the stage was the absence of the group's soulful mainstay Jazz. Still, the trio of Sisqo, Nokio and Tao did their best and had the nostalgic crowd on their feet during their opening medley.

They started off jumping for joy with a performance of the group's first big hit, "Tell Me," as they did the video's signature high-jumping choreography. That soon switched up to another choreo-heavy rendition of the So So Def remix of their hit "In My Bed." The all-black clad group moved like two decades hadn't passed since these career-defining moments. Once the dance-oriented numbers were done, however, out strolled Jazz to do a rendition of "Beauty." Though he basically said "f**k all that dancing s**t," the crowd still welcomed the smooth-voiced singer with open arms as they sang along. But, of course, it couldn't end there, as Sisqo had to have his solo time, resurrecting "Thong Song" for the 10 millionth time and reducing his group mates to back up singers in the process. After a short round of booties going "da-duh, da-duh," it was time for Sisqo and Dru Hill to sign off and end the welcome blast from the past.

Check out the full performance below.

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