Rachel Foxx Wants To ‘Make You Say’ Her Name

Photo Credit: Kiran Gidda

Photo Credit: Kiran Gidda

Upon first listen, the new single from Rachel Foxx, "Make You Say," will have you arching your back and talking slick in no time. The sexy track and seductive lyrics tell of a woman taking matters into her own hands to get exactly what she wants. In her deep, sultry voice, Foxx declares, “Every single night, every single day / I’ll make you say my name.” Overflowing with confidence and desire, her tone suggests she will indeed deliver on everything she promises her lover. After all, once you put it out there, you have to back it up, right?

The fiery Foxx delivers on this track in more ways than one. In addition to the infectious melodies and her captivating vocals, lyrically she makes it known exactly what she’s here for. “I’m not looking for something serious / ’Cause I’m not serious / If I was serious / Then I wouldn’t be here right now.” Well, then. Of "Make You Say, Rachel states, "[the song] is about having fun, living your life and never taking things too serious. I was in a good place when I wrote it. It’s just how I felt at the time.” Yeah, she was in good place, indeed.

“Make You Say” is the first single off Rachel Foxx's upcoming EP, Blue Moon. With a string of acclaimed singles under her belt, including the electrically soulful "Remember," Foxx has piqued the interest of fans throughout the UK and abroad. Her latest offering teases once again, leaving listeners craving for another round, hungry for what other tricks she might have up her sleeve. Take a listen below and get your sexy on. Fair warning, though, we recommend you use this track wisely!

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