Ric Wilson & Friends Are Here To Make Your ‘Soul Bounce’


This summer we adopted a song by up-and-coming Chicago MC Ric Wilson as our new theme music. With a name like "Soul Bounce," can you blame us? The fact that the track was actually dope was the icing on the cake. Since that time, Wilson has released his EP of the same name filled with more upbeat jams where the single came from. As we coast into the holidays, Ric wants to keep the "Soul Bounce" party going with the release of the song's music video.

The "Soul Bounce" visuals are as energetic as the song itself with Ric and his friends cutting up for the bulk of the video. These mean suburban streets are no match for Ric and his crew who bicycle and dance in the middle of street past manicured lawns and family cars before having a dance off in a backyard. Everyone's having a good time, but especially Wilson who hitches a ride on a car while he glides alongside on skates. We don't exactly recommend such a risky feat -- especially in traffic -- but Ric Wilson looks like he's having a ball enjoying this simple pleasure.

Enjoy the simple pleasure of watching Ric and his peeps being young and having fun in the "Soul Bounce" video right here.



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