Syleena Johnson’s The Weight Is Over Blog: Make A Plan To Enjoy Some Guilt-Free Holiday Cheer This Christmas

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Thanksgiving is behind us, but anxiety is growing with Christmas celebrations and holiday parties on the horizon. Some of us have worked out all year and lost a lot of weight and now here comes the drama! Others of us haven't worked out at all and feel bad about it and don't want to make things worse. Then there is that group that read my last blog post and completed the SheLean Lifestyle 21-day challenge, purchased their Mommy's Got Soul digital workout or simply started eating right and want to survive the next month without ruining their results. Well, if one of these descriptions fits you, fret no more. There are ways you can work out, eat right, maintain good health and still indulge in some holiday cheer. I’ve included some helpful tips below to help you stay on course for success this holiday season.

If possible, decide in advance which parties you will attend. When you know where you are going and when, it will help you mentally prepare a plan for success. For example, I adopt “a small meal” frame of mind and use a small plate to control portion sizes so that I don’t overeat. I try to avoid fruity and mixed drinks. Instead, I have wine or vodka with lemon or lime. I also make sure to limit myself to no more than two drinks and chase each one with at least eight ounces of water.

Get in a good workout the day of the event and eat a well-balanced meal before you go. My Mommy's Got Soul digital workout has a great HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine that you can download and do anywhere. Additionally, a nutritious meal beforehand means you will not be hungry and will be less inclined to mess up your earlier clean eating with sugary snacks and high-calorie party bites later.

Make event day a cheat day. Eat clean and exercise all week so you can have a good time and enjoy guilt-free (reasonable) eating and drinking with friends and family.

Regardless of the event, plan for it and don't overindulge. 'Tis the season to be jolly! So, incorporate these simple tips and have a fun and safe holiday season. Remember, the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family is your good health.

Syleena Johnson