Willow Smith Attempts To Soothe Our Souls With ‘November 9th’


Just in case you're still in shock, yes last week's election did happen and we will be welcoming bigoted orange hairball Donald Trump into the white house come January. While even typing that sentence mad this writer feel sick to his stomach, the world must go on and some healing needs to be done. Thankfully, there are kind souls like young Willow Smith here to offer the world exactly that. She took to her SoundCloud page to release the short but sweet ode "November 9th" to address the fears, doubts and wounds left by such a divisive election.

With only lilting acoustic guitar backing her, she delivers comfort to weary boys and girls across the world. "Baby girl, I know you're tired," she begins, "Don't let the world put out your fire." She later gives similar advice to a little boy, singing, "Baby boy, don't lose your sweetness / Don't think your humanity equals weakness." Though criminally short, the song not only offers optimism in the face of the dark days to come, it also shows more musical growth for young Willow. Her voice, both vocally and lyrically, is getting stronger as she gets older, with her breathy and sweet delivery underscoring lyrics critical of the world and the choices the powers that be are making.

If you're still reeling from it all or just suffering a bit of post-election fatigue, give "November 9th" a spin below.

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