H.E.R. Paints A Vivid Picture With A Full Version Of ‘Pigment’


H.E.R. still has us wrapped up in her mystery. Most recently, she had us clutching our pearls and pressing repeat with her frank cover of Rihanna's "Yeah I Said It." And let's not forget her debut EP, H.E.R. Vol. 1, and its mystifying seven tracks about love, lust, heartache and regret. Speaking of which, the enigmatic singer has decided to expand upon the EP's final track, "Pigment," satisfying the clamor of listeners who have been wondering exactly what else could happen with just a couple seconds.

The new version starts just as the first, with the strains of piano leading us in before her vocal leads us into her inner thoughts. As the drums kick in, H.E.R.'s switching between sung and spoken parts create a tension that makes the song interesting. However, while the original version left us hopeful of a love connection, the expanded story shows it's anything but. The initial lust burns fast, with H.E.R. describing a lost connection and ending with a devastating final lyric: "I was distracted / Unaware of his behavior / But when I started drowning / I didn't know he was the anchor."

It's rumored that H.E.R. is hard at work on the second volume of her E.P. (and maybe even her official debut?), so expect to hear more from this up-and-comer soon. Until then, take a listen to "Pigment" in full below.

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