Rose Gold Makes Our ‘Judgement Day’


Bounce-Worthy artist Rose Gold has been playing it pretty cool, releasing a loosie here and there to get us in our feelings. The LA-by-way-of-the-DMV native has been mum on any new projects coming our way. However, Rose surprised us on #MusicMonday with the new track, “Judgement Day,” an unexpected midtempo treat that she slid up on SoundCloud with a free download.

Over a thumping and somewhat rattling bass heavy groove, Ms. Gold lays down sweet vocals and intoxicating, somewhat stream of consciousness lyrics. “A shot of you, a little dip / Maybe I’ll fall or sink the ship / The warden’s gone, let’s flip a b***h / And make it out / I dreamed of this, impossible / Does it exist?,” she sings. Her couplets seem to speak of an unexpected love affair, hoping that the special someone that has caught her eye will be something even greater. So great that her name will be on his lips come Judgment Day. Or so we think. It will probably take a few close listens to really grasp what the singer/songwriter is trying to convey. But, considering the luscious groove that Ms. Gold and company have concocted, we’re more than up to the task.

Coming in at just over two minutes, Rose Gold continues to taunt and tease us with her talent and imagination. With no news on whether the rising star will be releasing a project in 2017 or collaborating further with Terrace Martin or James Fauntleroy, what Muva Gold Blood has planned for her fans remains to be seen. In any event, we might find ourselves playing this new track until “Judgement Day,” and we’ll be cool with that.

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