Terrace Martin Brings His ‘Velvet Portraits’ To Life With Help From Rose Gold


Terrace Martin is perhaps one of the hardest working men in the music business. Besides working on several high profile projects and rubbing elbows with a who's who of hip-hop and R&B stars, Terrace also puts in work on his own projects, including this year's GRAMMY-nominated Velvet Portraits, which features some of the jazziest and most soulful work to come out of 2016.

Last month, Terrace and his band — Trevor Lawrence, Jr. on drums, Taber Gable on keys, Brandon Eugene Brown on bass and featured vocalist Rose Gold — sat in with our friends over at to showcase a bit of the album with two of its strongest cuts, "Think Of You" and "Valdez Off Crenshaw." Seeing as Terrace was unusually sax-less during "Think Of You," it made things feel stripped back and slightly eerie. It also allowed Rose's ethereal voice to cut through clearly, showcasing just how beautiful it truly is and giving the song a much more intimate feel.

The sax was back, however, for "Valdez," a take on the Donny Hathaway cut "Valdez In the Country." Led off by Taber Gable, the rest of the band soon followed suit before Terrace hops in with his sax solo. The fellas play nicely with each other, with the fully realized sound of the quartet not differing drastically from the song's recorded counterpart.

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Terrace and his band live, this is surely the next best thing. Take a look below.

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