‘Fall In Love’ With Olivier St. Louis


Love. It can make you feel as if you are floating on air. Yet, it's the very same thing that can send you into a whirlwind. When it hits, you won’t know your up from your down and you’ll wonder how you got there in the first place. Still, whether love’s entrance was welcomed or not, you’ll take it as it is. On his latest single “Fall in Love,” Olivier St. Louis tells his lover, “You are the reason for the fall in love / You are the reason, for reasons I cannot recall / But you should know it’s all your fault / It's OK, it’s just who are.” With these somewhat obscure lyrics and a penetrating bass line, both punctuated with seriously soulful guitar riffs, we wonder if Olivier’s muse has created bliss or wreaked havoc. Regardless, the romance and sincerity in his vocals sound as if he’s hooked. And so are we.

“Fall in Love” is the first release from the Washington, DC-born, UK-bred musician’s upcoming EP entitled Ever Since The Fall. The EP, due out next month, will be his 2nd solo release under his given name. In 2006, he released his debut album, Kilowatt, under the moniker Olivier Daysoul and made a name for himself within the underground electro-hip-hop scene. He gained attention as a featured singer/songwriter, and we know him from his work with Eric Lau on his One of Many LP, as well as Krystal Klear’s track “Never Thought You Would Go.” He’s toured worldwide with various artists, including Hudson Mohawke and Oddisee, and served as the opening act for Laura Mvula’s UK tour last year.

After taking some downtime, St. Louis discovered his love for blues, rock and funk and re-emerged producing and writing all his own music and playing his own instruments. When asked his thoughts on his artistry, he states, “No punches. No compromises. Just me.” Sounds like an artist that has come into his own.

We can’t wait to hear the full EP. In the meantime, give his single a spin below and see if you don’t fall in love with the sound of Olivier St. Louis.

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