K.Avett Gets To The Heart Of ‘The Matter’

K.Avett new single “The Matter (What Are We Here For?)” serves as a bit of a love letter to brown girls and boys in a world full of uncertainty. While today’s climate doesn’t always sing our praises or recognize the genius of us, lyrics like, “You’ve got curls in your hair and a confident stare / Like you know you were born a queen,” provide a gentle reminder of our strength and regality. She shows love to and encourages the brothers saying, “They call you a menace to some, with a value to none / Don’t you let them take away your crown.”  The track is smooth and soothing like the gentle rock of a mother’s cradle. Avett's voice is crisp and clear, yet her tone sounds exhausted at times from having to repeatedly proclaim the richness of our people. After all, as she sings, "why is so hard to see?" We see you, K.Avett. We see you.

“The Matter (What Are We Here For?)” is the first single from K.Avett’s untitled sophomore album, which is due to be released this spring. Her debut album, Revelations, helped to propel her toward a nomination for SoulTracks' 2015 Best New Artist, and last year she reached no. 4 on the Top 80 independent chart by Digital Radio Tracker, performed at BET weekend in Los Angeles and was an opening featured artist for Corinne Bailey Rae’s The Heart Speaks in Whispers Tour. With these milestones, the bar is certainly set for the release of the Texas-based beauty's next project.

Sit back, relax and give K.Avett’s "The Matter (What Are We Here For?)" a spin while basking in all of your own glory. Add this anthem to your playlist by purchasing it exclusively from her website, and be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with her music and live shows.

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