Kehlani Sets Us Straight With ‘Do U Dirty’


If you haven't realized by now, Kehlani is a different type of woman. The singer, who is readying her SweetSexySavage debut for the end of this month, has said time and time again in songs like "Distraction" that she's not necessarily looking for love and will undoubtedly break a man's heart. But just in case any unsuspecting Tom, Dick or Hakim get it twisted, she makes things pretty plain with her latest single "Do U Dirty."

As the title of the song implies, the track is a confessional of sorts for the singer, where she matter-of-factly lays out exactly how and why she's not the best choice if a dude is looking for forever. "Keep your heart 'cuz I can f**k you up / And have you never thinking clearly / Have you all up in your feelings," she warns in the first verse while also boasting that she's got that good good. And in case that leaves any room for confusion, she lays it out even plainer on the chorus, singing, "I'ma do you dirty / You think you love me now / I think you should be worried." Her message may be a bit harsh, but she softens the blow a bit with light, airy synth production that's anchored by stammering hi-hats and a hefty dose of 808 boom, making this the perfect song for bad chicks with a penchant for brutal honesty to ride out to.

You can check out "Do U Dirty" and a 30-second teaser of the song's animated video below. Look for SweetSexySavage to arrive on what's looking to be a crowded release date of January 27th.

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