Kilo Kish Is On The Run In ‘Obsessing’

Ever-evolving musician, writer and fashion entrepreneur Kilo Kish continues to deliver incendiary visuals for her self-released debut album, Reflections in Real Time. A quirky, electronic soulfulness permeates this celebration of her eclectic marvel. Honest portrayals of fears and vulnerabilities featured in her prose have been the focus of each music video thus far. In a conversation with Vogue magazine, she discussed her writing process for the project: “I tried to be as real about my feelings as possible...any part I felt hesitation about, I just kept in.”

The latest short film, “Obsessing,” is a frenzied walk through arid building spaces and Kilo’s temporarily broken mind. Co-direction by the artist and Elliott Sellers creates four-and-a-half minutes of hard-to-turn-away-from tension. Frighteningly familiar, we’re faced with the laugh/cry torment lurking behind cool facades when elevators won’t cooperate and parking garages swallow our cars.

Alluring discomfort, “Obsessing” mirrors Kish’s real-life obsessions well. “ I like to explore man-made spaces and boxes we create in which to live more comfortably," she explains via press release. "The mind is one of those things, boxes inside boxes and sometimes it can become stressed. I'm also kind of obsessed with this image of an individual malfunctioning, a cog in the flow of society.”

Just when we’ve adjusted to the video’s convincing displays of manic, we’re unsettled again by several real-time versions of Kilo observing her unraveling as well. She falls apart as her pieces fall. This coming undone is well worth the watch.

See more of Kilo Kish on Vince Staples' upcoming Life Aquatic Tour, which starts on February 24th in San Diego and wraps up on April 9th in Phoenix. Add this high-concept live show to your to-do list. Hear more of Kilo Kish on Reflections in Real Time, which you can stream now on Spotify.

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