Anna Wise Welcomes Us Into ‘The Feminine: Act II’ With ‘Coconuts’

Anna Wise made our year when she released her feminist manifesto The Feminine: Act I. Songs like "Precious Possession," "B***hSlut" and "Princess Complex" made us think while musically captivating us. This year, Anna's ready to hit us off with the second installment, The Feminine: Act II. To get us ready for what she has in store, she's bringing us the project's first single and video, "Coconuts."

The track begins with wavy synths and a sun-kissed feel as she softly sings, "It's a matter of opinion / When it comes to what you're thinking of me." From there, she sings more about perception versus reality, ultimately encouraging anyone who listens to form their own opinions and live their own lives. She expands upon that in the song's purple-, red- and blue-tinted video. Directed by Anna herself and shot on an iPhone 7 camera, it features Anna and three other female dancers moving fluidly around an isolated room as the soothing song plays. The movement, much like the song's lyrics, is pretty poetic and illustrative, keeping in line with what we heard and saw from The Feminine: Act I.

Anna's The Feminine: Act II is set to arrive on February 17th, but you can pre-order the set right now on iTunes. Check out the video for "Coconuts" below.