Gabriel Garzón-Montano Hips Us To ‘The Game’ At Stones Throw Studios

One of our favorite recent releases is Gabriel Garzón-Montano's ever-listenable debut full-length album Jardín. The set has proved to be magnetic, with each listen yielding a new favorite. That being said, the selected singles remain in our top selections from the album, so any rendition we hear of them is always welcome to our ears. Recently, Gabriel took to Stones Throw Studios to give the people what they want with a live version of Jardín single "The Game," and it's definitely something you'll want to see for yourself.

The singer-songwriter keeps the performance simple and clean, much like his musical aesthetic, for the performance, acting as a one-man band of sorts. He sits at the keys, mic positioned in front of his face, as he single-handedly recreates the song — from the warm synth bass to the twinkling keys that help make it memorable — making it sound as if were straight off the album. The song isn't the only thing reminding us of Jardín though, as Gabriel's fashion aesthetic evokes the album art. He's still rocking a swipe of red shadow on his right eye and he's draped in a colorful necklace. But, most importantly, he channels the soulful, meaningful stare he gives on the cover into his performance, showcasing an endearing intensity.

Check out the live performance that Gabriel delivers when you press play. And, if you haven't picked up your copy of Jardín, you can do so now at your digital music retailer of choice.