JaVonté Is Still Reeling From Playing ‘April’s Fool’

JaVonté stokes the fire surrounding his latest single “April’s Fool” with the release of an emotional music video. Shot and directed by Shooters Club LA, we watch as he painfully thinks back to various moments in his doomed relationship where things might have gone wrong. Frames of the couple laughing and enjoying each other’s company are interrupted with shots of JaVonté tenderly pleading his case. Symbolism speaks throughout the visual with stills of a beautiful sunset, marking the end of the seemingly blissful courtship. At times, the views are sped up or slowed down indicating the highs and lows of budding affairs, as well as the confusion and frustration felt when things just don’t work out.

With minimal lyrics and the angst in his voice telling the story, the video platform serves as a blank canvas to paint the picture for those less imaginative. While the song left us giving JaVonté a bit of a side-eye as he expressed his initial reluctance to love, the beautifully shot video has us feeling his pain and turning our judgement toward his lover. The viewer is drawn in, and we empathize with JaVonté whether we can relate to his torment or not. Like him, we search for clues in his lover’s beautiful eyes that may have hinted at the beginning of the end. We root for them as they beam with amusement at a carnival, though we wonder if the relationship itself was simply a game.

Watch the new video for JaVonté's “April’s Fool” below, and decide for yourself whether karma is simply doing its thing or if JaVonté was truly handed the heartbreak he didn’t deserve.

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