Lion Babe Launches Their Next Era With ‘Rockets’

At the beginning of last year, Lion Babe made their mark early by dropping their debut album Begin. Then, as if that weren't enough, they provided even more fire with their blazing hot Sun Joint mixtape. So how's the NYC-based duo's 2017 looking? In short, it's lit! The duo is proving to be ever-prolific and has lined up a new EP set to arrive this spring. Today, they're giving us a little something to get us ready with new joint "Rockets."

For the track, they somehow fuse jazzy bossa nova with a bit of reggae for an undeniably fly sound that they pull off very well. Ride cymbals, flute, smooth bass set the stage before stammering hi-hats are added in to make things sound more modern. Once the groove is set, in comes singer Jillian Hervey to deliver a verse with an unexpected island tinge as she lets you know that her swagger levels are deservedly high. "Fly high like I'm NASA / Move my hips like a salsa /I'm like butter on lobster / We lit, we lit," she sings. "Got me singin' like I'm Chaka / Moonwalkin' in mi casa / Young Queen Cleopatra." Fellow NYC native Moe Moks joins in on the ego stroking, giving flexing a bit in a patois that fits the song perfectly. Quite honestly, this might be one of Lion Babe's best — and considering their catalog, that's saying something.

We suggest that you cool out, wind down and possibly even put one in the air as you get acquainted with "Rockets" below.

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