Zedd & Alessia Cara Get Cozy On ‘Stay’

Sometimes you can be in that special someone's presence, and you just don’t want that moment to end. While time might seem like it's standing still, it does indeed move on as you cling to hold on ever so tightly. This is the type of longing captured in the new single “Stay” from producer/DJ/musician Zedd featuring singer Alessia Cara.

The track features an infectious melody and crisp, staccato drums that mimic the ticking hands of the clock Cara refers to as she begs her lover to sit tight with the lyrics, “All you have to do is wait a second / Your hands on mine / The clock is ticking, so stay.” While the danceable tune is upbeat and breezy, the Canadian songstress’ voice is urgent and heartfelt. Though the romantic nature of this song coupled with the accompanying lyric video featuring a picturesque scenery could bring down the mood of it all, true to Zedd’s form, he was sure to pack in plenty of electronic bounce.

“I think this song is right in the middle between where Alessia is musically and where I am and that’s what’s so exciting about it,” explains the Russian-German multi-instrumentalist. “I’ve been trying to knock down barriers around music genres and this is another step for me to walk towards a musical future where I can create any genre I want without people putting me in a box.” Meanwhile, Cara says the single takes her sound to whole new level. “It still feels like me, just an elevated pop sound,” she says. “I don’t know that I would be this bold on my own stuff so it’s cool to try these things with collaborators”. The wise know to surround themselves with folks who push them out of their comfort zone. We’ve seen Zedd do this previously, and work his magic with Aloe Blacc, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Kesha and now Ms. Cara. His knack for engaging and challenging these artists musically is impressive, as is his drive to push boundaries among genres.

"Stay" a little while, child, and check out the lyric video for Zedd and Alessia's collaboration. The catchy rhythm and breathtaking visuals are reason enough to stick around.

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