Bruno Mars Illustrates His Point In ‘That’s What I Like’

Our boy Bruno Mars has found success again with his latest album 24K Magic. We sure as hell have been enjoying the set, especially the party-starting title track. However, when we noticed that Bruno was performing his mid-tempo groover "That's What I Like" all over the place, we had a sneaking suspicion that it would be the album's next release. Sure enough, Mr. Mars has gone and delivered a visual for the single.

What's interesting about the clip is that it shirks what we've come to expect from a Bruno Mars video, at least as of late. Absent are his Hooligans, cars, girls and lavish scenery. Instead, he takes a stripped-down approach, with Bruno appearing on an empty soundstage with only a white backdrop to keep him company. Don't worry, though. He keeps the party going all by himself with a little help from some nifty animations illustrating his lyrics as he dances around the stage like a tiny ball of energy draped in silk and track pants.

If he's giving all of this in the video, we can only imagine what he'll be giving when his 24K Magic World Tour kicks off in Europe at the end of the month. And for those of you Stateside, don't fret, he'll be in our neck of the woods come July. Prepare yourself by peeping his fun clip for "That's What I Like" below.