Mariah Carey & YG Add Remy Ma To ‘I Don’t’ Remix

Mariah Carey is the queen of mixing R&B with hip-hop features, and she's adding an extra layer of it to her latest single "I Don't." The Jermaine Dupri-produced track already had the lyrical talents of YG, and now Mariah enlists the help of Remy Ma to add a little feminine power to the remix about her ex. In the new track, Remy's verse comes ahead of YG's as she drops off bars about a love gone wrong.

"But instead of looking at how far we've come / I'm regretting it damn are you dumb? / Wanted kids and thought you've fathered them / Now? I wouldn't even bother, hon / You see I never had a clue that harm would come / I really loved you and now I'm done," she raps. She also sings some of the verse before she raps, adding her infectious personality to make the remix stick. YG's verse remains the same and Mariah continues to clap back at her ex with her sweet vocals.

While Mariah and Remy both share disdain towards Nicki Minaj, we're not sure if that was the motivation for her recent addition to the track. We will also note that Remy did use a Mariah soundbite on her Nicki diss track "Another One," so there's that. While we won't lean on any conspiracies, we can lean on the fact that the track is just a little better with Remy's verse and we're sure the Lambs will be happy with it. "I Don't" is a single from Mariah's forthcoming album — which we're waiting to get more loosies from —but you can listen to the remix below while you wait.

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