Mario Is On A Mission In ‘Let Me Help You’

It's crazy to think that we're creeping up on eight years since Mario released his last album, D.N.A. Sure, there've been a few singles, some loosies and lots talk over the years, but nothing has materialized. However, 2017 is the year that Mario tries to reclaim his spot as one of the R&B kings with an upcoming release due this spring. The project will be an EP that was formerly titled Paradise Cove and is now renamed Cosmo 17. Despite the intergalactic sounding name, Mario is taking us to paradise in the music video for lead single "Let Me Help You."

Filmed on location in Malibu, the visual is full of sun, sand and surf to complement the island vibes of the song. "Let Me Help You" rides the trendy dancehall wave that's all the rage right now, and the clip takes you on a four-minute vacation as you watch Mario dance and romance his beautiful leading lady. The singer actually co-directed the video with Meg Gamez, and he plays the role of the good guy encouraging the object of his affection to cut her no-good man loose. She needs very little convincing after her so-called bae takes another woman to the club, pretty much opening the door for Mario to slide right through and help himself.

As expected, Mario gets the girl and we get an entertaining music video with lots of eye candy and sexy dance moves. Talk about a win-win. Get into "Let Me Help You" and get ready for more Mario when his new EP drops.

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