Mura Masa & Charlie XCX Want More Than Just Another ‘1 Night’ Stand

Sometimes a one night stand is more than just a shallow romp in the sheets. Sometimes you discover something or, rather, someone for whom you feel a true connection. Or is it just wishful thinking? That’s the conundrum at the heart of “1 Night,” a collaboration between producer Mura Masa and singer Charlie XCX. Together the Brits have concocted something more than just a vapid pop hit.

Over a beat composed of chimes, steel drums and synths, Charlie XCX muses about if she wants to revisit a good thing, singing, “It was only one night / But I want to go back to where we were / I just want to go back to where we were.”

The video for the song explores various couples in the same apartment complex the morning after a one-night stand. Generally, we see a bunch of late teens and early twenty-somethings brooding and looking pensive like a crew of American Apparel models. We also see Charlie XCX performing the song in a gymnasium, flanked by the women featured in the vignettes.

“1 Night” is a track perfect for dancing your cares away or contemplating that crazy thing called love. While “1 Night” isn’t attached to any project from Mura Masa, he does plan to release his debut album To Fall Out of Love To some time later in 2017. In the meantime, Charlie XCX has recently released a new EP, Number 1 Angel, with another album somewhere around the corner. In other words, this one-off single should give you your fix for both artists for awhile and make a great addition to your springtime playlists.

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