Rachel Foxx Has Got Time To Give It ‘To You’

It's surprising in this digital age where visuals reign supreme that singer/songwriter Rachel Foxx, with two EPs to her credit, had yet to release a music video -- until now. After releasing her sophomore EP Blue Moon this past December, she now gives fans what they've been waiting for with the recent premiere of her debut music video for her single "To You."

The cool tone of the black-and-white visual is immediately set with the East London beauty’s smoke-blowing introduction. Her simplistic seduction mimics the lyrics and suggests that she is indeed in no hurry to get what she seeks. With her lovely head of carefree coils tamed and pulled back, minimal jewelry and bare shoulders, we watch as she vibes out to her own groove, pulling viewers in at the same time.

The beautifully captured visual directed by Chris Chance is an entrancing collage of colors, shadows, smoke and symbolism. Foxx’s rich, distinctive vocals are complemented perfectly with the modest sophistication of the feature. While the lyrics of her previous jams imply a woman that might be a bit of rebel, our first real look at the 26-year-old singer/songwriter in action is a tasteful contrast, while still serving plenty of sexy style.

The release of her debut video kicks off the beginning of what looks to be a busy year for the young artist. “I am going to be doing a lot more live sets, but I’m most excited about my music videos that are coming out,” she says. “I was heavily involved with the creative direction and I really cannot wait for people to see them.” After watching this captivating clip, it goes without saying that we can’t wait to see what else Rachel Foxx has coming.

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