Snoh Aalegra Casts Quite A Spell In ‘Nothing Burns Like The Cold’ Lyric Video

Snoh Aalegra has been holding us captive with her hypnotic vocals and cinematic soul for the past couple of years. And while we still don't have an official release date for a full-length project, we are content to get new music from her in any way, shape or form possible. So color us excited at the release of her latest, a lyric video for her single "Nothing Burns Like the Cold" featuring rapper Vince Staples.

After blessing us with the song last month, she follows up with the release of a lyric video that, in all honesty, is more akin to an official video, period. As ethereal as her vocals, the video features Aalegra hanging out amongst the stars as she continues to cast her spell on music fans. Besides the celestial universe she finds herself in, the only other characters that feature in the video are two of the most flexible dancers contorting their way through the song. The combination makes for an otherworldly experience as the song's lyrics flicker across the screen.

While there's been some debate about whether "Nothing Burns Like the Cold" samples Isaac Hayes's "Ike's Rap II/Help Me Love" or Portishead's "Only You," (or elements of both), one thing is for certain: whichever of the two it is, Aalegra and the song's producers, twin brother duo Christian Rich most definitely make the best of it, flipping it into this melodramatic groove. Take a look at the video and be sure to weigh in below on which song you think she borrows from. In the meantime, we'll just continue running this video back over and over again as we continue to wait for more from this talented Swede.

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