SoulBounce Exclusive: Heather Victoria Delivers A Rude Awakening With ‘Dream On’

Singer/songwriter Heather Victoria is surrounded by greatness as an artist at Jamla Records. From label owner/producer/DJ extraordinaire 9th Wonder to rap phenom Rapsody to the tight production unit The Soul Council, there are nothing but hitmakers in her midst. As the songbird of Jamla, Heather Victoria is poised to be the next in line for superstar status with her new project, Black Girl, waiting in the wings. Black Girl is the long-awaited follow-up to her previous releases Victoria's Secret, Graffiti Diary and Hip Hop Soul Lives, and SoulBounce presents the exclusive world premiere of the new EP's lead single "Dream On."

On "Dream On," Heather V. sings over head nod worthy production from Soul Council member Khrysis. She has had it up to here with her man's shenanigans and tomfoolery. He tried to play her for a fool, but she got hip to his little games in due time. "You kinda slick, yeah you had me for a little while," she admits, before continuing on, "But after time passed, everything turned foul." As Heather keeps singing, it's revealed that her man had a baby with another woman, which was grounds for immediate dismissal and this dressing down he's receiving. In case he has any remaining questions about why she's kicking him to the curb, Heather sweetly reminds him on the bridge, "You played me when I upgraded you / But you weak now, I'm so done with you."

It may be a wrap for this relationship, but "Dream On" is just the beginning of the new heat that Heather Victoria has in store on Black Girl. The new EP will be released in the coming weeks and promises more soulful R&B with a hip-hop edge. Keep it locked on Heather Victoria's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on the Black Girl EP and more.

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