White Dave Shows Up For His Art In ‘Present’

White Dave "Present" Video

Talent often runs all up and through a family, and that proves to be the case in the Coogler clan. You might've heard of eldest brother, Ryan Coogler, the famed director of Fruitvale StationCreed and the upcoming Black Panther. What you might not have known is that his younger brother Noah Coogler is an up-and-coming rapper who goes by the moniker White Dave. You also might not know that White Dave has released his mixtape, The Season Of The Rich, one of the better mixtapes of the past few months. After releasing his single and video for "Bands" (which was featured in NBA 2K17), he gets both artistic (literally) and political with his latest clip for "Present."

For Dave, the song is both personal and political. "For me, the song is a statement. I made a decision in my life to benefit myself and my goals. To be a bit selfish for a change," he said about the track via a press release. But, while the song is about his commitment to self, it's also about the need for all of us to be present in what's going on in the world right now. The video for the track literally illustrates this with some help from artist Jonathan Robinson. We are shown Robinson hard at work on creating the single's cover, a group of people led by Dave, his brother Ryan and their younger brother Keenan Coogler standing with their left hands extended to the sky — showing that they are both present in their lives and to help effect change. With the spirit of creativity and one's willingness to be present in their art a main focus of the song, it's only fitting that this was the visual chosen. "Jon's work is flame," Dave said of his choice to feature the artist at work in his clip. "I never expected this. And I also just love art. I have so much appreciation for it because I can't draw for s**t!

Check out Jonathan doing his thing in the video for "Present" right here. And, if you haven't already, stream White Dave's The Season Of The Rich below and download the mixtape here.

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