Anna Wise Is All About ‘Stacking That Paper’

Singer/songwriter Anna Wise has never been one to shy away from controversy. Anyone who makes a song called “B***h Slut” definitely doesn’t mind going out of her way to make a point. In her latest release from The Feminine: Act II, Anna lets her feminist flag fly to discuss the way women are perceived in the world on “Stacking That Paper.”

On the mid-tempo track, Anna gives us her usual intoxicating vocals over a bass heavy symphonic groove. Here, it works as a somewhat haunting reminder of how women are treated, taunting us with lyrics like, “Work twice as much for half as much / But still you hate her / That’s why I’m stacking that paper.” Anna ain’t no fool, and she pays fools no mind. She understands the game and refuses to be sidetracked by the haters. She’s about her coin and empowerment anthems.

For the music video, Anna Wise stays behind the camera directing the action, as her subject, played by Mercy Wise, gets screen time. The visual, or documentary as the opening screen tells us, explores a day in the life of a sex worker. However, this isn’t the kind glorified in most music videos. Instead, we get a bird’s eye view of a woman involved in an underground fetish fighting ring. We see a glimpse into her work out routine, a fantasy sequence with her rolling in dough like Scrooge McDuck and a little action on the job as she wrestles a man and hands his ass to him as swarms of women cheer her on and make it rain. It’s a clever way of showing how women, who are equal (or more than equal) to men in every way have to fight and push themselves to achieve the same things. The clip ends with a sound bite referring to the role of women in the world that is seemingly from half a century ago, but unfortunately, still has sound and fury today.

“Stacking That Paper” is the second visual treat we’ve received from Ms. Wise this week, and is an abrupt departure from the previous video for “Free From the Normal.” However, both are clearly Anna Wise through and through, as things are still trippy and left of center. You can catch up with the elusive chanteuse this summer when she hits the road on tour. Visit her website for details and dates. Until then, hit play and get into this latest trip into the feminism mystique.

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