Avery*Sunshine Gives Us A Sweet Acoustic Take Of ‘The Ice Cream Song’

Don't you just love when folks are in love? We do here at SBHQ, and we especially love when we can celebrate the love of our faves. Speaking of which, one of our faves, Avery*Sunshine is gearing up to release her latest album Twenty Sixty Four on April 21st. Before doing that, however, she took some time to record an adorable acoustic rendition of her romantic ballad "The Ice Cream Song" alongside her hubby and musical partner Dana "Big Dane" Johnson.

"What's one of your favorite songs on the album? On Twenty Sixty Four?" Avery asks at the beginning of the clip while playing a few chords on the piano. "Especially since you're playing it," Big Dane quips as the two share a warm laugh, "It's 'The Ice Cream Song.'" After being prompted further, Dane explains that the song is, in fact, "loosely our wedding song." From there, Big Dane leads off the track on acoustic guitar as Avery's sings sweetly into the mic while playing keys. Just listening to the way the twosome plays together and watching how they interact shows why they are a match made in heaven. But in case you weren't sure how much Avery*Sunshine loves her man, she lists what she would give up just for their love — including ice cream, Jimmy Choos and even the last shrimp on her plate. If that ain't love, then we don't know what is, folks!

With so much going on in the world these days, it's always wonderful to see such heartfelt love radiating through the screen. Bask in the glow of Avery and Big Dane's love when you watch their acoustic take of "The Ice Cream Song" below.

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