BOSCO & St. Beauty Are Carefree In ‘Castles’

BOSCO’s creativity and distinct vision are well on display again in the music video for her latest single, “Castles.” Her ability to morph and play with different eras and musical styles has been well documented, with gems like The Boy EP (featured on HBO’s Insecure) and the acclaimed Girls In the Yard mixtape.

“Castles” features a moody, 808-heavy beat that compliments the songstress’ voice perfectly. The track weaves a tale about second and third chances that makes one lose their way and good sense. In a millennial-influenced world rampant with “situationships," this song is sure to hit close to home for many. How many chances have you given that special someone before? How often did you lose yourself in the process?

For the visual, BOSCO links up with Wondaland Records’ duo St. Beauty, who join her with their harmonies and fashionable presence throughout, giving us carefree black girl magic. The pastel-hued clip, shot on location in and around Atlanta, showcases a very different ATL from the usual imagery we see of the Dirty South from artists like Migos and Young Thug. This vision is what BOSCO calls "indie Atlanta."

When they aren't seen strutting their stuff around town or lounging, BOSCO and St. Beauty trade places in front of a white wall with random footage of everything from cartoons to clouds flashing across their bodies while they sing and dance. Although there's no storyline or plot, the visual feast that the ladies provide is satisfying enough. Watch BOSCO and St. Beauty in action in “Castles” to see another artistic collage of her ideas.

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