Boulevards & Laura Reed Take It Back To The ’80s In ‘Wear & Tear’

Photo Credit: Kevin Li

Jamil Rashad, aka Boulevards, has proclaimed himself the embodiment of funk. While that is a bold claim, the man makes an impressive argument with his body of work. Songs such as "Got to Go" and "Gimme All of You" managed to put a pep in everyone's step, giving us a buzz like only old school music can. His latest loosie is no different. The funk maestro has hooked up with fellow NC native Laura Reed to create a magic little ditty about break-ups but no make-ups named "Wear & Tear" that would top the charts way back when but can still cold rock a party today.

“Wear & Tear” is a song about being fed up with love and pushing someone close to you away. Produced by frequent collaborator Rollergirl!, the track is reminiscent of late ‘70s/early ’80s R&B funk jams. Unsurprisingly, Boulevards and Laura sound wonderful together. Laura gives us a bit of Teena Marie with her ad-libs, while Boulevard's own vocals are giving us shades of Blood Orange.

The video for the song fits the throwback vibe. Using an old-school camcorder filter, Boulevards and Laura strut their stuff in '80s-inspired outfits, trading sweet nothings about letting that old thang go while walking through the park and a town square. While a simple execution, the chemistry between the two artists makes it fun and enjoyable.

Whether you're in the mood for something a little funky, a little old school or just something upbeat to dance your blues away, "Wear & Tear" checks all the boxes with an intoxicating groove that's good for what ails you. Get your #FlashbackFriday on everyday with Boulevards and Laura Reed.

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