You Can Count On Greg Banks To ‘Be There’ For You

After remaining fairly quiet for almost a year, Greg Banks returned this past February with a tantalizing new single called "Heaven." The track came from the perspective of a man showing love and appreciation for his woman. As a follow-up to the sexy ballad, he continues to show his dedication with "I'll Be There."

While the title and chorus are lyrically reminiscent of The Spinners' classic "I'll Be Around," this song isn't quite about the end of a relationship. Mr. Banks is "all in," ready to prove that there's nothing he won't do for his woman, and he's pretty confident that he's not the only man that feels this way. Per his press release, "Banks' lyrics ensure women it's OK to let your man know how much you need him, he'll answer with...'whenever you call, whenever you need me, whenever you want me...I'll be there.'" The MDotStyles production incorporates soulful strings and drum kit beats to create a downtempo groove that perfectly complements Greg's butter smooth falsetto.

Without hearing any official word on when we can expect another project, looks like we'll have to wait and see whether these singles are mere loosies or something more (i.e. album teasers). Either way, we're happy to keep taking whatever freebies Greg Banks decides to throw our way. Head over to SoundCloud to download your copy of "I'll Be There" and follow the Bounce-Worthy artist on Twitter and Instagram for details on his upcoming U.K. tour.

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