Wallace Returns With An Ode To The ‘Diaspora’

Soulful singer Wallace is back with a new single and sound on the track “Diaspora.” Her unique voice is pure perfection over this jazzy, tribal-inspired tune produced by Crooked Letter. It is his family’s Nigerian roots that are said to have influenced the instrumentation that pairs perfectly with Wallace’s smooth, yet edgy vocals. This groove flows through your ears straight to your soul, sparking a good bounce and sway that cannot be helped. The feeling is warm and the vibe is one of strength, much like the kinfolk who served as inspiration for this track. “I wanted to highlight the connection that we both feel towards places where we didn't grow up,” says Wallace. “We bonded over the idea that looking back at our roots gave us a sense of affirmation and appreciation for what makes us who we are.” That pride and gratitude is certainly felt throughout every element of the song, from the vocals to the vibrant musical composition.

The New Zealand-born, Sydney-based songstress continues to demonstrate the versatility of her sound for those who are less familiar with her as a solo artist. We were blown away by the cool of her voice on her previous singles, including "Raffled Roses," which she released last year.  While she still showcases those signature raspy vocals we first noted as Bounce-Worthy, on this latest track she gives us even more of that effortless and controlled power that made us pay attention in the first place.

Catch a deep-rooted groove, and give the latest from Wallace a spin right here. Keep up with her by visiting her website, which notes “a couple of deals recently falling into place” and hints at big things to come from the artist this year.  You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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