Jody Watley Shares A Rare Look At Her Family Life In ‘Sanctuary’

Jody Watley has spent the majority of her life in the spotlight, from her days as a featured dancer on Soul Train in the '70s to today touring the world with Shalamar Reloaded. But for the legendary entertainer, there's truly no place like home. The most down-to-earth diva you'll ever meet loves performing, but she loves her family more and we get to see a glimpse of that in the visuals for her song "Sanctuary."

We first heard the track produced by fellow SoulBounce fave Soulpersona back in 2014, and Watley has recently revisited "Sanctuary" with the release of a maxi-single EP last month. To complement the chill vibes of the song and the lyrics, Ray Easmon pulls together family photos, home video footage and serene scenes from nature to give us snapshots of Jody Watley's private life beyond music. Featured prominently throughout the clip are Jody's children, her daughter Lauren and son Arie. Viewers are given a rare look at her kids from childhood to adulthood, and we see that the woman we primarily know for making hit music and rocking stages worldwide was also a loving, fully engaged parent. Watley shared on her website, "I don’t regret at all being present in their lives, being carpool Mom, sports Mom, etc. Time is always moving and you can’t get it back so choose wisely. I’m happy of the choices I’ve made placing my priorities on being there." Seeing the smiles on everyone's faces and the glimmer in their eyes makes us happy by extension and gives us the warm fuzzies.

Enjoy this intimate look at Jody Watley's personal life through the years in the part one of the "Sanctuary" visuals. According to Jody, part two with "more of a performance vibe" is soon to come.

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