Leela James Finds Love ‘All Over Again’

It looks like Leela James is getting her groove back in the latest visuals for "All Over Again." She debuted the third track from her new album, Did It For Love, back in March and now she's turning up the heat with a romantic scenario. In the video, Leela gets home to find a few surprises waiting for her, courtesy of her man who we'll call #BaldBae.

With a house full of red balloons and rose petals, the songstress looks all in love and flustered throughout the entire video. #BaldBae looks on as Leela pops balloons, which have sweet notes of love, that also match the single's lyrics. The video is syrupy sweet, and if you're planning a surprise for your bae, you may just get a few ideas when you press play.

When she's not getting swept off her feet, Leela is touring with Daley. They're currently on the West Coast and will be making their way back across the country until the top of July. Did It For Love is still available for purchase on your favorite digital outlets, and you can get romantic and watch her latest video for "All Over Again" right here.

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