This Week In SoulBounce: Ciara Welcomes Her Baby Girl, Prince’s Family Wants To Get Real, Mary J. Blige Has A ‘Becky’ & More

Mary J. Blige Reveals To Ne-Yo That She's Got Her Own 'Becky'

Speaking of messy, Mary J. Blige might be celebrating the release of Strength Of A Woman, but that didn't stop her from throwing a whole heap of shade. Those that caught her The Making Of: Strength Of A Woman documentary got to see Mary having a convo with Ne-Yo that got real personal. After speaking to the singer/songwriter about how "humiliating" the divorce process has been for her, she sneaks in a jab at her estranged husband's mistress. “And just so we’re clear, you have a studio in that other place, right?" she asks Ne-Yo. "Do not let, do you know [bleeped name]? Do not let her nowhere near what you’re doing for me, because she’s the reason for all of this s**t. That’s my Becky with the good hair!” Word on the street is that bleeped name was none other than Starshell, MJB's one-time protege whom we assume is that no longer. Baby, looks like this tea is still piping hot after all. #MuchMoreDrama

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