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alcordo comes into her own with her debut single, "No Good." The song is a sweet and soulful modern update of '80s R&B that finds her letting a lover know what's what. Programmed drums and subtle flutes introduce the track before the songstress graces the mic with the calm, graceful demeanor of seasoned chanteuses. "You flew out to Paris, didn't you?" she asks at the track's beginning, ready to catch her unfaithful man in a lie. "You couldn't care less, could you? / All your best friends look at you / I heard them talkin' about what you were up to?" Though it would be easy to dismiss this as just another "done wrong" song, alcordo elevates it with her world-weary delivery that gives it a unique feel. Also helping is JMSN's contribution, as he helped produce the track and even provides backgrounds.

"No Good" is just the beginning of alcordo's journey this year, as she's set to release her debut project Desert Rose this July. Prepare yourself by getting acquainted by enjoying our playlist of some of her best moments, including "No Good," her cover of Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" and a couple of her best features. Trust us, at after you're done, you'll be anticipating what alcordo has in store, too.

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