Brayton Bowman Goes Up In Smoke In ‘Puff Puff Pass’

We don't know about you, but with summertime here, we could really use a vacation. As per usual, the day-to-day grind is becoming a bit of a, well, grind. That's exactly how singer Brayton Bowman was feeling on his single "Puff Puff Pass," and he had just the solution: a quick getaway with Ms. Mary Jane. Though he first released the track way back in November, he recently dropped the track's video just in time for the haze of summer.

In the clip, we see Brayton lounging on a leather couch in his flat. His space is soon populated by his friends as the chilled-out track plays and plumes of smoke curl through the air. The camera captures all of this smoked-out fun as the crew dances around, sings along and satisfies their munchies with gummy bears and pizza. Basically, it's all about a having a good ol' time while under the influence of that sticky icky. While we here at SBHQ would never, ever encourage readers to partake in any illegal substance just for fun's sake, we definitely endorse the feel-good vibes that Brayton's bringing in both the song and this video.

If you're in need of a four-minute vacation, whether you partake or not, "Puff Puff Pass" will definitely get you there. Queue up Brayton Bowman's latest below and make sure to pick up his 22 Minutes Later mixtape from your favorite digital retailer now.