Miles Bonny & Shhor Get Their ‘Way’ With A Tall Black Guy Remix & Laid-Back Video

Miles Bonny & Shhor released the single EP for their track "Way" a few days ago and now it has a remix and video. The husband and wife duo present a soul-dipped track for us to groove to when we're looking for a peaceful moment. The original track was released a year ago and showcases the couple's unwavering chemistry. While it carries a similar vibe, the Tall Black Guy remix adds an extra layer of percussion, helping the mid-tempo track soar to new heights.

Like the single, the visual is just as calming. We watch Miles and Shhor on a getaway, where it looks like they're off the grid and just hanging out in a cabin. While Miles provides vocals and his trusty horn skills, Shhor soothes the track into submission with her velvety vocals. The couple hangs out in the forest, drinks some tea, dances, plays in the river and just loves on each other — because that's what getaways are for.

If you love what you see and what you hear, you can purchase Miles Bonny & Shhor's "Way" single EP on iTunes. The 4-track compilation gives you different takes of the infectious single, so you'll for sure want more than one listen. Watch the visual for the song's Tall Black Guy remix right here and get lost in the cosmic relaxation you'll experience when you press play.

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