Omarion Offers ‘Reasons,’ But Not The Ones Fans Were Expecting

It takes a bold man to cover Earth, Wind & Fire. It takes an even bolder one to cover the time-honored group in a switcheroo move after breaking a promise to fans. Apparently, former B2K-er Omarion is that man. His anticipated album Reasons was supposed to arrive this past Friday, June 16th. However, things didn't work out that way. So, in order to stay true to his promise and appease his fans, the crooner decided to offer up this cover video instead. He even starts the video with his an explanation in his own words:

“I promised my fans 'REASONS' was coming 6/16/17 and I wanted to be true to my word. Although this may not be the 'REASONS' they expected, I hope you enjoy and appreciate the intent to pay tribute to music legends Earth, Wind & Fire. When is 'REASONS' coming...? As soon as the fans DEMAND it!”

The ol' bait-and-switch? Classy, O. Real classy. So, is his cover enough to make up all this foolywang? Well, kinda. Musically, Omarion's "Reasons" is pretty damn faithful to the EWF original, with only a few vocal ad-libs saying EWF's name added to the mix. However, Phillip Bailey Omarion is not. One of the key components of "Reasons" is Phillips crystal clear, unwavering falsetto. Our boy O, while talented in his own way, isn't in possession of that particular skill. What results is a slightly nasal delivery that, while a good try, just isn't up to par. However, things do get better the few moments when he decides to sing the track in his usual register. If only he'd decided to adjust the key and go for what he knows. That being said, the video is cute enough, with O performing with his band (which includes his bro O'Ryan) and offering clips of the singer on tour, with the fam and just doing his own thing.

Will Omarion's take on "Reasons" be enough to make his fans happy? Probably not. However, you can be the judge when you check it out below.

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