Quincy Is In An Intergalactic Love Triangle In ‘Me Time’

Quincy celebrated his 26th birthday on Sunday, June 4th with a gift for his fans. The singer/actor/offspring of Al B. Sure!, with whom he shares a birthday, decided to surprise everyone with the release of a new music video for the song "Me Time." Found on his Valentine's Day EP, This Is For You, the song about wanting some time to yourself receives a unique mini-movie for its visual.

Director Kiarash Behain opens the video with a scene of Quincy and his girl, played by actress Paige Hurd, in bed. There's no hanky panky going on, however; these two are knocked out. That's until a message comes through on Quincy's phone from Planet Quincy asking "WYD?" that shakes him from his slumber. Bae awakes to find that Quincy has already left the bed and the house. She's a little perturbed that he's not there, but she finds that he's left a love note behind that softens her frown.

In a twist from the ordinary, the video switches from live action to animation and we see that a cartoon version of Quincy has jumped into an aircraft. This isn't just any old airplane, though. It's a spaceship, and he's taking a ride from Atlanta into outer space. While Quincy is busy traveling to another galaxy, his lady is missing him something crazy and decides to FaceTime him. They chat for a little until the connection breaks up as he speeds to Planet Quincy. The interplanetary police clock Quincy speeding, and since they're trigger happy haters in outer space, too, they start a hot pursuit and begin shooting at him. Quincy shakes the po-po with some quick thinking and goes about his way.

Back on earth, bae goes about her day and starts sorting through some clothes when she discovers a small box in one of his pockets. She opens it to find a glowing surprise – that's clearly not meant for her.  Our animated leading man finally makes it to Planet Quincy, where he's greeted by a sexy animated woman, and it's clear that she's his main woman and the surprise that he left behind was for her. Lawd! He decides to leave and go back down to earth to get the box and its contents, but #EarthBae is waiting for him at the door. This video is like an episode of Love and Hip Hop Outer Space. Watch to the end to see how – or if – Quincy gets himself out of this mess.

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