Rachel Foxx Reveals A Softer Side In ‘Make You Say’ Video

Upon the release of the video for her previous single "To You," Rachel Foxx declared that fans could expect more live sets and videos from her this year. It seems she’s made good on her promises, as she recently released the visual for her smoking hot single “Make You Say” and announced her first headline show in London soon after.

Just as the track presents a carefree and blissful tone not usually heard from the East End songbird, the accompanying video showcases a different side of her as well. We watch as she takes a stroll through the London streets with her beau. The two spend time in a café, cuddle up in the park and simply enjoy each other’s company. Though Foxx is decked out in an oversized coat, a hooded sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers, we catch glimpses of her softer side in everything from her manicured nails to her jewelry to the way she embraces and gazes into her lover’s eyes. It’s all very sweet, and even the gloomy London weather doesn’t detract from the warm and cozy feeling of this video.

With the release of two singles, and their accompanying visuals, Rachel continues to promote tracks from her Blue Moon EP as she gears up for her big show on Thursday, September 7th at the Servant Jazz Quarters in London. We’re guessing that there will be a few live shows between now and then, and we’re hopeful that she will release more videos and new music, too. In the meantime, check out her video for “Make You Say” and get caught up in her love affair.