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Kendu Isaacs Gets In His Feelings About Mary's BET Awards Performance

Mary J. Blige's BET Awards performance got mostly good reviews, however, there was one person who seemed quite displeased with it: her soon-to-be ex-husband Kendu Isaacs. As soon as she was done, Kendu took to the 'Gram to give his own personal review. "That intro was so forced!!!!!" he wrote (yes, with five exclamation marks). Ok. It's time for me to tell the truth." A little later, he posted a pic of a regal-looking Mary and the accompanying caption suggested that maybe he had a change of heart. "I love you to death Mary J. Blige," he wrote. "I can't even begin to understand why you are going on about this the way you have been. I never wanted to discuss our life airing the laundry. You know me better than that. You and I really need to talk and stop all this negative nonsense. I love you and I always will regardless of your actions." And the Negro Please award goes too...  #TeamMary #WhoAskedYou #Nobooooody

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