BOSCO Gets Our ‘Adrenaline’ Pumping With New Music

Photo Credit: Aaron Ramey

If you've been following the creative force of nature known as BOSCO for the past decade, you've probably noticed that her musical output is as varied as her personal style. From Spectrum to her 2015 EP Boy, she's kept our attention while exploring genres such as jazz, pop, R&B and electro-funk. Not to mention piquing our curiosity with her ever-changing looks. But just because she likes to switch it up, doesn't mean that the quality of her work has suffered. Earlier this year, she captivated us once again with the visual debut of "Castles," a dreamy track enhanced by featured duo St. Beauty. We didn't know it at the time, but the song served as our first listen of BOSCO's forthcoming project b., which premieres next month.

Ahead of the album release, the inimitable artist is blessing us with another preview named "Adrenaline." The infectious, Haunted-produced groove is serving up all types of '80s-style futuristic funk and new age R&B. Motorcycle revs, spacey synth, penetrating drums and an elastic bass line supported by wavy guitars provide an engaging backdrop for BOSCO's feathery vocals as she tells a tale of love on the rocks. Don't let the upbeat tempo fool you, our girl is nearing the end of her rope as she pleads, "Give me a reason to love you through the day."

Like "Castles," "Adrenaline" provides a deeper look into what BOSCO is trying to create with the new album. She explains, "b. is a collection of songs about escapism, freedom, self-discovery, and relationships while transitioning into womanhood. I created this body of work in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New Orleans from intimate moments in my bedroom, friends' stories, unfinished conversations and feelings while traveling, Uber + plane rides with fleeting thoughts and self-love/worth during solitude. During this process, I learned a lot about myself, facing things no one really wants to see about themselves. I guess I'm telling my truths this time around."

After waiting two years for a new project, BOSCO is guaranteed to get our coins when b. drops on August 11th via Fools Gold. But if you're impatient like us and need some instant gratification, purchase your copy of "Adrenaline" today and pre-order b. through iTunes. You can also link up with the artist via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. On a side note, music isn't the only thing keep her busy these days. Earlier this year, she launched a minority-driven creative agency called SLUG. Visit the website to learn more about the company and BOSCO's boss moves.

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