The PlayList Will Not Be ‘Defeated’ With New Video Featuring Glenn Lewis & Dayne Jordan

The masterpiece that is the Chasing Goosebumps album from legendary DJ/producer DJ Jazzy Jeff and a host of other amazing musicians collectively called The PlayList, is the gift the keeps on giving. Following the SoulBounce exclusive world premieres of the visuals for singles "Stone Cold" and "1995," the creative collaborative has released yet another striking video.

This time, the spotlight is on the track “Defeated,” once again featuring Glenn Lewis and Dayne Jordan doing what they do best. The song is about the relentless determination and “by any means necessary” mentality needed to push through life’s obstacles toward one’s dreams. As the main vocalist for the entire album, Lewis kicks off the track with a smooth and melodic verse, seamlessly floating between pure R&B and trap-style tempos. Jordan follows up and rides the beat like a champ. As the intensity builds, his verse is infiltrated by conga-style drums, but he doesn’t miss a beat. His delivery is impeccable as he declares, “Damn right, I'ma get mine / I’m comin’ up, I ain’t never on a decline / There’s a war going on and I seem fine / Get out the way before I put you on recline.” Both the groove and the lyrical content of this track is infectious.

The video is quite captivating as well. Towards the beginning, we see a glimpse of a man who seems to be contemplating something, before he finally raises up and ties a scarf around his mouth like a bandit. At the same time, we see flashes of a woman touching up her makeup, adjusting her clothing and admiring herself in a mirror. In between these frames, we watch as Glenn Lewis brings his verse to life and Dayne Jordan spits his bars against a concrete wall.  As the energy in the track builds, he leaves the wall and is surrounded by his crew draped in subtle army attire in a garage. It’s as though he’s readying his “soldiers” for the proverbial war mentioned in his rhymes. As he concludes, the seemingly unrelated characters from the beginning of the visual reappear, only this time the two join each other and literally dance their hearts out. For the remainder of the song, they are flawless as they passionately and unapologetically dance for their lives. Both the choreography and this standout track are powerful and are sure to make you want to move.

Check out the video for The PlayList’s “Defeated” featuring Glenn Jones and Dayne Jordan below. Good luck sitting still. If you’ve somehow been under a rock since February, download the Chasing Goosebumps album right now from Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes or Google Play now.

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