This Week In SoulBounce: Brandy Gets In Instagram Drama, Usher Faces More Lawsuits, Kendrick Lamar Is King Of The VMAs & More

What's up, what's up! It's the T-W-I-S-B and were back at again, bringing you music news and views on your favorite artists and events. After a packed edition last week, it seems we're still experiencing a bit of blowback, with many of the same folks making headlines once again. Yes, that means you'll be hearing more about Usher and how his little Usher might have him in more legal hot water and even (*groan*) more about R. Kelly and his legal shenanigans. But first, we'll touch on our girl Brandy and how her affinity for Instagram had some fans crying foul and further unraveled one of her already fraying relationships. We also have word on yet another crown that King Kendrick Lamar can lay claim to, the business decision that's costing JAY-Z millions, why Rihanna might actually be more presidential than #45 (not that he sets that high of a bar) and much, much more. If you think it's worth it, then watch us work it when you read on.

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