inc. no world Is ‘Living’ Life On Their Own Terms

When brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged aren't busy contributing their combined talents to artists like John Legend, Raphael Saadiq, Nick Hakim, Dev Hynes, Kelela, SOHN and more, things tend to get personal between them. Musically speaking, that is. As inc. no world, the fraternal duo has spent the past few years cultivating their unique brand of ambient chill – a fusion of disparate sounds, R&B sensibilities, dreamy harmonies and soulful beats neatly packaged with subtle religious overtones. From their "No World" debut through 2016's "As Light As Light," their musicianship has become increasingly refined, yet remains wholly organic. And now they're back for more with a satisfying new EP called Living.

We were hooked from the moment we heard the title track, a downtempo song with sparse lyrics and a lot of soul. For "Sowed," the most upbeat tune of the five-track collection, the duo is giving us Steely Dan vibes with a dash of The Foreign Exchange while Daniel gets funky on the bass. In contrast to the other tracks, "Sent" is a striking instrumental piece where Andrew lets his fingers do the singing via guitar. Perhaps the most personal track, "Complete" came pouring out and was written in one sitting. When describing the inspiration behind the song, the duo shared, "Ever experienced a miracle of forgiveness? Where tears fall, and hearts are mended...That feeling of being washed clean and remembering what is you. Andrew’s lyrics are often about the Lord, and really just giving thanks." Serving as the album's closer is "Compromise," an ethereal coda to the atmospheric set.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed at work or just like to unwind with soulful, ambient sounds Living is definitely worth a listen, which you can do below, and make sure you download a copy of the full EP to add to your Sunday Chill playlist. Fans can connect with inc. no world via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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