James Fauntleroy Addresses Global Concerns On ‘Smoking’

James Fauntleroy continues to be as prolific as ever. If you follow him on SoundCloud, then you know that he's good for dropping a loosie or two at any given moment. That's quite alright with us, as your favorite artists' favorite singer/songwriter rarely misses and always manages to offer up something thought-provoking. His latest release, "Smoking," is no different as James uses his pen and his voice to address some global issues.

"World on fire. Global warming for real," he wrote about the track in its SoundCloud description. And sure enough, he addresses society's ills. As the song begins, James croons, "I look good but I'm stressed out / Backward and stretched out / Whoo, I break down and pray about it / Fantasy or faith now? / Room full of gray clouds." Though the verses are phrased quite poetically, it's easy to read the worry and angst that underscore them as he confronts and laments what the world is becoming, his only relief is finding the time to smoke the stress away. His worries and fears are set to the tune of a constant acoustic guitar, a thick, almost overpowering bass line and live drums, which make things feel a bit more urgent as his slightly distorted vocal takes center stage.

"Smoking," as with most of the James Fauntleroy's work, is only available to stream, which you can do so below. Here's hoping that maybe, just maybe, he'll see fit to bless us with a proper album one day.

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