Russell Taylor Gives Us A Welcome ‘Thrill’

We love us some Russell Taylor around SBHQ and couldn't get enough of his last project, War Of Hearts. So, of course, when a little birdie told us that Russell had new music on the way, we couldn't wait to get our hands on it. Now he's getting ready to unveil his brand new project, Tin Man , and he's introducing it to us with the appropriately titled "Thrill."

"Thrill" finds Russell marrying his existing soulful style with new elements, including drum 'n' bass influenced percussion and hard-hitting 808s, to update his sound, though his emotive vocals are still on point as always. The edgier style fits the song's themes perfectly. The song focuses on the exhilaration one feels when taking on risks, singing on the chorus, "It's the thrill of losing it all / At the edge and looking to fall over." In the verses, he describes the different types of thrills we seek out, from gambling to love and everything in between. Though us thrill-seekers know the risks of our behavior, Russell points out that they never stop us from pulling up to the edge all over again.

Tin Man will be coming our way this fall, though Russell hasn't confirmed an exact release date. However, as soon as one is announced, you know will be bringing it to you. In the meantime, stream "Thrill" via Spotify below.

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