SoulBounce Exclusive: Sidibe Gets Sultry On ‘Prove My Love’

Photo Credit: Adrian J. Martin

We've been fans of singer/songwriter Sidibe since she blew onto the scene like a cooling ocean breeze back in 2014. With her impressive five-octave range and a sundry style culled from influences like Sade, Janet Jackson and Joni Mitchell, it's impossible not to be captivated by her musical charm. That's why SoulBounce is beyond excited to premiere her latest single, a slinky slow burner called "Prove My Love."

While we love grooving to tracks like "Strangers," previous releases like "Candlelight," "The Way You Make Me Sing," "Cascading" and "This Woman's Love" confirm that Sidibe has never shied away from her sultry side. And this song right here finds her at the top of her slow jam game. We're used to hearing vocal perfection from the singer, but her delivery for "Prove My Love" reveals a woman more sure of her voice than ever before. That confidence extends to her songwriting, allowing her the freedom to speak boldly with lyrics like "My feelings shift from one moment to the next / Right now I hate you / Next minute all I want is your sex." Well, excuse us!

We can feel the influence of Prince as an undercurrent of primal urgency courses throughout the track, energizing both her vocal and the instrumental. Speaking of, can we talk about her incredible background support? Co-writer and sought after guitarist Nate Mercereau, multi-talented Prince bassist MonoNeon and drummer extraordinaire Aaron Spears join Sidibe's longtime producer Nico Stadi and frequent collaborator Warryn Campbell on Rhodes.

If you haven't figured it out by now, "Prove My Love" is quite the scorcher. The Purple One would definitely be pleased. Listen to the track below and purchase the single via iTunes or Bandcamp. While we wait for more heat from Sidibe, you can connect with the singer through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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