Willow Smith Offers A Song For All Of ‘Earth’s Children’

Young Willow Smith continues to expand her musical horizons. The budding singer/songwriter has recently added producer to her roster of titles as she continues to evolve, with her most recent offering, "Earth's Children," bearing the fruits of her efforts while also giving a clear direction of where her art is taking her.

"Earth's Children" is inspired by the work of Jean M. Auel, who is perhaps best known for her Clan Of The Cave Bear series. It seems odd material to mine for musical inspiration, but Willow manages to make it all work fairly effortlessly. She starts the song with a reading of a passage from Auel before she launches into the song, which speaks to the oneness of the human experience. An acoustic guitar provides the melody as she delves into the track's lyrics, which speaks to the prehistoric times that Auel's books cover. Her vocal, which seems to get stronger with each effort she releases, takes on a quality similar to those of the folk and alt-rock scenes of the '90s (think Tori Amos or even the sounds of Cree Summer's solo debut). But equally impressive is the growth in confidence and self-assuredness that is definitely present, proving that she'll continue to be one to watch.

Though many might not be sure of the subject matter of which she sings, we're definitely digging what the youngest Smith is doing. Check out "Earth's Children" below.

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